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NOTE: I am unavailable until the new year and I will not be checking messages until after that date

Imagine someone tracing their fingers over your skin like it was the most precious thing in the world. Touching you, caressing you, slowly, sensually, taking their time to enjoy you and arouse you. Imagine being touched like you’ve never been touched before, by a woman who knows how to awaken your entire body to pleasure.

I am a professional and trained tantric masseuse based in Bristol. I bring you a body-to-body authentic tantric massage which will arouse you, relax you and bring you into a blissful state. My genuine tantric massage is sensual, pleasurable and erotic, and yet it is also caring, gentle and loving. If you find yourself longing for feminine touch this is a wonderful way to receive that touch.

Each tantric massage practitioner has their own style; my particular style blends sensual, erotic touch with genuine connection. I enjoy the company of my clients and you will feel that when you’re in my presence


Tantric Massage in Bristol

My genuine tantric massage is a sensual, full body massage. Through touch which is loving, caring and connected you may feel your body in an entirely new way, you may feel pleasure in ways you’ve never felt before. People describe it as blissful and very relaxing. For many people, loving and pleasurable touch is something they miss in their lives and my tantric massage can provide that for you.

Tie & Tease Tantric Massage

Some people enjoy the element of tie & tease; being restrained while I massage you. For some people, being restrained adds an extra element of erotic pleasure. Dare you hand over control to me?

4 Hands Tantra Massage

Do you like the idea of 2 people massaging you? Feeling 4 hands slide over your body? This needs to be booked in advance because I have to co-ordinate with another masseuse

Couples Massage

Would you and your partner like to receive a massage together? It can be a very connecting experience for a couple to receive a tantra massage at the same time.
Please note: I will need to speak with both partners on the phone before we book a couples massage. This massage experience needs to be booked in advance because I have to co-ordinate with another masseuse.

Hourly Rates

The minimum session length is 1 hour and I do not offer anything less than that. Tantric massage is intended to be a slow, delicious build-up of pleasure and its not possible to achieve that in less than 1 hour. Many people find that they need 90 minutes to really sink into the experience, however, a 1 hour session will be extremely pleasurable and relaxing,

My rates are as follows:

1 hour – £120
90 minutes – £180
2 hours – £230

Hourly Rates


People have tantra massage for various reasons. Some people are curious and simply want to try it.

Some people want to experience pleasure in a new and different way. Tantra massage is a very pleasurable experience and worth trying just for that alone! During a session you will likely experience pleasure in new ways, in ways that you perhaps haven’t experienced before. My tantric massage is very sensual and very pleasurable.

One of the things I regularly hear is “no-one has ever touched me like this before”. Some people enjoy the feeling of a woman’s touch and want to experience pleasure and touch in a guilt free way. We all need touch in our lives; its a basic human need. As a society we are generally starved of touch and I provide that touch through my sensual tantra massage.

Other people want help an area of their sexuality, and tantra massage can help with this. For instance, tantra massage can be very helpful for men who want to learn how to prolong pleasure and last longer.

Tantra massage is about a slow, relaxed build up of pleasure. The ideal session length is 1.5 hours because that gives your body plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sensual build up of pleasure.

The minimum session length is 1 hour, we can still achieve a very sensual tantra massage in that time. I don’t offer anything less than an hour.

Its quite normal to feel nervous the first time you see me. Many people feel nervous, but before long, you’ll relax. Many people tell me that they’ve never felt so relaxed. My sanctuary is designed to be relaxing and you’ll be in the presence of a woman who is warm, welcoming and who will put you at ease. Many of my regular clients started out feeling nervous and they’re still coming back to me… maybe you’ll be one of them :)

No. I never have sex with clients so do not ask. This is a firm boundary which I will not relax under any circumstances.

Can I ejaculate more than once? The short answer to both questions is “yes, if that’s what you want to do”. However, its not necessary and some men choose not to ejaculate. There is no goal with tantra massage; you don’t need to have an erection. You don’t need to ejaculate.

Its perfectly fine to ejaculate if you want; but there’s no need to do so.


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